Job: IRC23325 Radiation Safety Technician 3


Job TitleIRC23325 Radiation Safety Technician 3
LocationKewaunee Solutions

·        Is responsible for field implementation of the Radiation Safety Program. Ensures compliance with company, local, state and federal radiation safety policies and regulations. Monitors radiological work controls and work activities involving radioactive material. Interprets and verifies field data obtained from radiation surveys using the appropriate instrumentation and/or analyses.

·        Participates in the Radiation Safety Program by ensuring the safe collection, storage, packaging, transportation and subsequent disposal of radioactive material. These tasks are necessary to maintain a healthy workforce thereby enabling EnergySolutions to reach its performance goals and stay competitive in the marketplace.

·        Processes routine incoming radioactive shipments and checks for excessive contamination or dose levels. Performs wipe tests on packages for contamination removal, cleans packages if there is contamination, delivers shipments to approved users, and cross-checks against inventory for approval. Verifies quantity radioactive material license limits. Records new and amended permit information for all radionuclides received. Enters information in the HIS-20 database system.

·        Stays current on local, state, federal and EnergySolutions policies and procedures concerning shipment/ transportation of radioactive materials.

·        Collects, analyzes and interprets the results of various samples required to ensure compliance with local, state and federal radiation safety regulations and orders and environmental technical standards, guidelines and policies. Creates reports on the results of sample analyses for management and determines necessary corrective actions and compliance. Develops processes to minimize future contamination.

·        Conducts area surveys to identify elevated levels of exposure or contamination. Responds to any incident or emergency regarding radionuclides. Maintains proper incident response equipment and supplies.

·        Performs calculations necessary to determine radiation levels and radioactive contamination levels and concentrations in areas, in soil, on material, on equipment and in the air.

·        Issues radiation work permits and briefs personnel on radiological conditions and work requirements.

·        Maintains data for a computer-based radiological work permit system to ensure only properly authorized personnel are permitted access to restricted areas. Monitors and controls personnel and material access to, and egress from, radiologically controlled areas.

·        Develops, writes and processes radiation safety procedures, instructions and guidance.

·        Operates, issues and calibrates radiological counting and detection equipment and air sampling equipment.

·        Performs and documents radiological instrumentation reviews, evaluations and investigations.

·        Ensures proper operation and maintenance of radiological controls equipment. Processes/procures material, parts and equipment in support of the site Radiation Safety Program. Maintains equipment supply and availability.

·        Participates in emergency preparation drills and emergency responses.

·        Provides training and implements monitoring programs to protect personnel from radiation hazards.

·        Investigates and documents radiological occurrences and/or other Corrective Action Program issues and events and recommends long-term corrective action.

·        Maintains field radiation protection records such as survey logs and radiation work permit entry and exit records.

·        May lead and direct the work of Radiation Safety Technician 1 and 2 staff.

·        Provides training to Radiation Safety Technician 1 and 2 staff as needed.

·        Responsible for ensuring Radiation Safety Technician 1 and 2 staff are qualified to perform their work.

·        Responsible for the safety performance of other radiation safety technicians.

·        Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements/Skills

·        Effective verbal and written communication skills

·        Detailed knowledge of local, state and federal radiation safety compliance regulations

·        Detailed knowledge of the interpretation of  local, state and federal radiation safety compliance regulations

·        Detailed knowledge of the principles and practices of radiation safety compliance

·        Detailed knowledge of, and skill in using, radiation monitoring instrumentation and methods

·        Detailed knowledge of  Microsoft Office products and their use (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) and database applications

·        Ability to schedule tasks assigned to other radiation safety technicians

·        Demonstrated ability to identify exposure levels, recognize trends and develop radiation controls

·        Demonstrated ability to handle  more complex work and work broader in scope such as more than one subject area of focus


Physical/Mental Requirements and Working Conditions

·        Ability to lift, carry, push, pull up to 50 pounds; handle, grip, and reach above or below shoulder

·        Ability to use hands and feet to accomplish tasks as assigned

·        Ability to sit, stand, walk, climb, bend/stoop, crouch, squat/kneel, twist at the waist and balance

·        Ability to climb hand-over-hand on ladders, stairs, and scaffold

·        Ability to work at elevated heights

·        Ability to effectively communicate; speaking, reading, understanding, writing and hearing clear English; pass audiogram in hearing conservation program as required by location

·        Basic math, and computer skills

·        Ability to perceive depth and adjust focus; basic hand/eye coordination

·        Ability to see close and distance, basic colors/shades, and peripheral vision

·        Ability to work inside an office, outside, and in extreme temperatures

·        Ability to work with moving objects, hazardous machines, and on slippery/uneven walking surfaces

·        Ability to wear protective equipment such as: goggles, hard hat, gloves, steel toe boots with or without shank, and chemical resistant coveralls

·        Ability to work with others; ability to operate equipment

·        Ability to wear a respirator and work around ionizing radiation

·        Ability to read small text, blueprints, documents, procedures, and instrument readouts

Certified 24 Hour Site Specific Hazwopper, Radworker, and Respiratory Physical
Minimum Qualifications and Years of Experience


·        High School diploma or GED


·        Qualification as a technician in accordance with ANSI/ANS-3.1 standard, “Selection, Qualification and Training of Personnel for Nuclear Power Plants”

·        National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists

(NRRPT) certification preferred


Required Experience

·        A minimum of 5 years of experience as a radiation safety technician


Preferred Experience

·        None


How To Apply

EnergySolutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


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