Job: IRC22768 Operator 1


Job TitleIRC22768 Operator 1
LocationClive Disposal Facility

·         Performs a wide range of facility, equipment and machine operations associated with an EnergySolutions site/program/ project/function and or facility process(es). Ensures compliance with EnergySolutions policies and procedures and with local, state and federal regulations. Performs operations work as part of a team of semi-skilled and skilled workers (e.g., laborers; decontamination workers; and facility, equipment and process operators).

·         Operates a variety of equipment: (Level 1) hand and power tools; (Level 2) small, fixed-facility (light) equipment; (Level 3) medium weight equipment; (Level 4) heavy equipment and (Level 5) cranes. Decontaminates equipment, machinery and work areas.  Uses equipment to perform construction, demolition, material handling, waste treatment and soil remediation work. These tasks are necessary to maintain a healthy and productive workforce, to ensure smooth company operations and to ensure customer requirements are met.

·         Monitors and operates equipment using normal, abnormal and emergency operating procedures. Operates equipment within the bounds of the Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) as applicable.

·         Operates equipment under the direction of a Test Engineer, the Test Operations manager or a Shift Operations Manager in support of testing, commissioning and operations as applicable, according to location.

·         Works under the direction of the Operations Foreman as applicable, according to location.

·         Complies with all local, state and federal health and safety regulations and site health and safety requirements.

·         Complies with all requirements for wearing personal protective equipment while performing job duties.

·         Participates in procedure development and revision, job hazard analysis and safety walkdowns as applicable.

·         Uses a variety of hand and power tools such as scrapers, vacuums, pressure washers, sandblasters, filter pumps and steam cleaners to clean contaminated equipment and areas for re-use.

·         Operates a variety of equipment and hand and power tools such as pressure washers, cargo carriers, dollies,

·         walk-behind forklift machines, air hammers, earth tampers and small mechanical hoists to perform various waste management/labor tasks.

·         Uses the aforementioned equipment and tools to clean, disinfect, store, inspect and repair equipment.

·         Loads, unloads and moves supplies, materials, equipment and furniture to and from work sites.

·         There is no supervision of other workers at this level.

·         Responsible for the quality of his/her own work and satisfying customer (internal and external) specifications.

·         Must be able to work independently and resolve practical problems.

·         Must complete process/facility training as assigned.

·         Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

·         Strong listening skills

·         Basic written, verbal and organizational skills

·         Strong interpersonal skills and team player attitude

·         General knowledge of local, state and federal health and safety regulations [e.g., Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)]

·         Ability to understand and apply health and safety regulations and requirements

·         Ability to read computer screens and printed documents and to operate small equipment

·         Basic computer skills, including the ability to operate equipment using HMI

·         Ability to successfully pass a fundamentals entry examination as applicable

·         Ability to comprehend procedure and work package instructions as applicable

·         Ability to perform physically demanding work

·         Ability to lift up to 65 pounds

·         Ability to push and pull up to 50 pounds and carry up to 50 pounds; handle, grip, and reach above or below shoulder

·         Ability to use hands and feet to accomplish tasks as assigned

·         Ability to sit, stand, walk, climb, bend/stoop, kneel, crawl, and balance

·         Ability to climb hand-over-hand on ladders, stairs, and scaffold

·         Ability to perform highly repetitive motions with fingers, hands, wrists, shoulders, and legs

·         Ability to work inside an office, outside, in extreme temperatures, in humid or dry conditions, or in confined spaces

·         Ability to work in extreme weather conditions and environments wherein there is exposure to noise, dust, grease, smoke, fumes, noxious odors, gases, chemicals and mechanical and electrical hazards

·         Certified in asbestos, beryllium, crane operator, CDL, hazardous waste, ionizing radiation, toxic gases, welding fumes, lead, radiation worker, and respirator medical qualification

·         Ability to effectively communicate; speaking, reading, understanding, writing and hearing clear English; pass audiogram in hearing conservation program as required by location

·         Ability to operate commercial motor vehicles, rotating equipment, material handling equipment, forklifts, in high places, near electrical shock sources, hands in water, and with heavy equipment

·         Basic math, and computer skills; mechanical ability

·         Ability to wear protective equipment such as: respirator, goggles, ear plugs, hard hat, gloves, steel toe boots with or without shank, and full body protective clothing

·         Ability to read small text, blueprints, documents, procedures, instrument readouts and wiring diagrams

·         Normal vision (with or without correction)

·         Ability to perceive depth and adjust focus

·         Ability to see close and distance, basic colors/shades, and peripheral vision

·         Basic hand/eye coordination; ability to manipulate packages

Minimum Qualifications and Years of Experience


·         High School diploma or GED



·         Ability to obtain applicable qualification card required (for a Decontamination Operator 1)

·         Valid driver’s license with a clean record required. Evidence of insurability required.

·         For jobs located at the Salt Waste location, must be qualified as a Salt Waste Processing Facility/Parsons Technology Center (PTC) Operator


Required Experience

·         None required


Preferred Experience

·         None


How To Apply

EnergySolutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


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