Job: IRC22595 Security Officer


Job TitleIRC22595 Security Officer
LocationClive Disposal Facility

·         Ensures the security and safety of people and property in assigned areas by patrolling areas (on foot or in a vehicle) and enforcing rules and regulations. Patrols buildings and grounds, checking for fires, safety/fire hazards, vandalism, theft and suspicious activity or persons. Investigates and/or reports hazards and unusual or suspicious circumstances for correction or follow-up actions. Safeguards and protects people and assets against any kind of attacks, violence and intrusion.

·         Performs routine patrols of grounds, buildings, vehicles and water lines to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure the security/operation of alarm systems, lights, gates, doors and windows. These tasks are necessary to maintain a safe and secure workforce thereby enabling EnergySolutions to reach its performance goals and stay competitive in the marketplace.

·         Conducts random vehicle and personnel searches to identify the possession of any prohibited items and to confirm proper authorization for personnel departing with items (objects, tools and containers).

·         Operates detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into and out of restricted areas.

·         Uses radiation detection instrumentation to scan personnel, vehicles, equipment, etc., out of non-contaminated restricted areas.

·         Provides controls at personnel and vehicle entries to ensure only authorized personnel and vehicles enter.

·         Warns persons of rule infractions or violations and apprehends or evicts violators from premises. Escorts suspended and terminated employees off-site.

·         Inspects and adjusts security systems/equipment/machinery to ensure proper operation and detect tampering.

·         Monitors and adjusts controls that regulate building systems, such as air conditioning, furnaces and boilers.

·         Creates work orders as needed for security/safety issues (e.g., lighting, locks, fences, gates and badge readers).

·         Maintains compliance with security procedures and completes security and access logs as required.

·         Responds to alarms and dispatched calls and investigates disturbances. Decides what actions to take based on situations, facts known and position limitations.

·         Documents emergency information, notifies outside emergency services, site contacts and site personnel as required.

·         Investigates security-related incidents and prepares reports on them.

·         Investigates claims of theft, vandalism and vehicle accidents.

·         Writes daily reports regarding the activities and disturbances (if any) that have occurred during assigned work hours and provides details on the events.

·         Circulates among visitors, patrons and employees to preserve order and protect property. Observes activity and traffic in assigned areas to enforce rules and regulations; alerts visitors of infractions.

·         Performs safety inspections. Performs surveillances on truck parking facilities and rail lines.

·         Provides safety and security briefings, conducts visitor guides and issues dosimeters, safety glasses, hard hats and safety shoe covers as appropriate.

·         Controls the issuance and management of keys, badges and other security-related items.

·         Operates electronic equipment including two-way radios, closed-circuit television and digital video recorders. Answers telephone calls to take messages, answer questions and provide information during non-business hours or when the switchboard is closed.

·         Escorts or drives motor vehicles to transport individuals to specified locations and to provide personal protection.

·         Performs janitorial duties at various buildings and replenish necessary cleaning supplies

·         Receives, stocks, and pulls warehouse items, which includes operating a fork lift.  Ensures the main receiving area is clear of empty boxes, papers on the floor, etc.

·         Makes minor repairs on restricted area fence line, gates, sign postings, etc.

·         Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

·         Intermediate verbal and written communication skills

·         Intermediate  knowledge of basic security and fire inspection procedures

·         Intermediate interpersonal skills and team player attitude

·         General knowledge of the use of Microsoft Office products required to perform job (Word, Excel and Outlook)

·         Ability to pass background investigations

·         Ability to work shifts and overtime on short notice

·         Ability to work under general supervision

·         Possession of a valid driver’s license with a clean record

·         Ability to perform highly repetitive motions with fingers, hands, wrists, shoulders, and legs

·         Ability to effectively communicate; speaking, reading, understanding, writing and hearing clear English; pass audiogram in hearing conservation program as required by location

·         Ability to wear protective equipment such as: goggles, hard hat, and steel toe boots

·         Ability to see close and distance, peripheral vision, and adjust focus

·         Ability to work in extreme weather conditions

·         Ability to perform frequent walking, lifting, bending, sitting, squatting, standing, climbing, kneeling, and handling objects; frequent reaching above shoulder levels; frequent carrying and lifting loads from 25 to 50 pounds.

·         Certified hazardous waste worker, radiation worker, and respirator medical qualification


Minimum Qualifications and Years of Experience


·         High School diploma or GED



·         Completion of the EnergySolutions Qualification Program for Security Officers

·         Completion of General Employee Training or General Employee Radiological Training

·         State certification for an un-armed security officer

·         An active U.S. Department of Energy “Q” clearance required at specific job sites and/or the ability to pass a background screening for certification as a Trustworthiness and Reliability official for quantity of concern materials


Required Experience

·         None


Preferred Experience

·         None


How To Apply

EnergySolutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


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