Job: IRC22193 Railcar Maintenance Supervisor


Job TitleIRC22193 Railcar Maintenance Supervisor
LocationClive Disposal Facility

Job Description/Tasks/Responsibilities

·         Responsible for supervising and performing duties necessary for railroad freight car repair, rebuild and service in accordance with FRA regulations, AAR rules, and company policies. This is accomplished through the use of hand tools, power tools, cutting torches and welding equipment.

·         Supervises a crew consisting of at least one Carman and one Radiation Safety Technician in the process of repairing, maintaining, and refurbishing railcars and railcar lids.

·         Conducts daily planning meetings with personnel from each operation to prioritize work load and allocate equipment.

·         Reviews materials and products on hand and on order.

·         Reviews equipment maintenance schedule.

·         Reviews and resolves personnel issues.

·         Provides guidance, direction and motivation to subordinates, including establishing performance standards and monitoring individual performance.

·         Trains and qualifies personnel in heavy equipment operation and other necessary skills.

·         Monitors project activities to ensure deadlines are met.

·         Conducts inspections of rolling stock (e.g. freight cars, flatcars, tank cars, rock cars, multi-level cars, stack cars etc.) for defects or evidence of wear; inspects rolling stock for compliance with industry standards; inspects lading for shifting loads, clearances, and compliance with rules; inspects rolling stock damaged in derailments or collisions; conducts pre-trip inspections (air brake tests, fuel, etc.).

·         Responsible for scheduled and on demand maintenance including: initial terminal air brake tests and other pre-trip maintenance; lubricate journals; clean and prepare surfaces for painting.

·         Responsible for the repair of rolling stock structural components. Fabricates, cuts, and performs rough finish operations on metal and wood replacement parts; fastens and assembles car parts by riveting, bolting, welding, and other methods.

·         Removes and replaces defective components on rolling stock (trucks, shoes, coupler assemblies, air brake systems).

·         Communicates with others, verbally and in writing, technical information, job procedure recommendations, and other work-related information. Is able to read, understand and interpret information.

·         Troubleshoots and problem solves.

·         Works with shop machines, tools, vehicles, and equipment and clean and supply work areas.

·         Provides on the job training to subordinates, coworkers, and trainees or apprentices.

·         Understands and ensures team follows company and industry safety rules, practices, and procedures, wear prescribed safety apparel; take appropriate action when conditions threaten safety of self or coworkers; ensure equipment and work area are in safe operating condition before starting work.

·         Safely and effectively operates the following; acetylene torches, non-power tools (pliers, wrenches, hammers), power tools (drills, power saws, grinders); electric and gas welding equipment.

·         Develops and maintains positive working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, contractors and/or customers and effectively handle conflict situations.

·         Ensures compliance with all railroad rules and regulations for safety, operations and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

·         Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements/Skills

·         Ability to lead a team to accomplish project goals

·         Intermediate verbal and written communication skills

·         Strong interpersonal skills and team player attitude

·         Welding, cutting, grinding

·         Grit blasting


Physical/Mental Requirements and Working Conditions

·         Ability to perform physically demanding work

·         Ability to work in extreme weather conditions and environments wherein there is exposure to noise, dust, grease, smoke, fumes, noxious odors, gases, chemicals and mechanical and electrical hazards

·         Ability to carry, push, pull, and lift up to 50 pounds; handle, grip, and reach above or below shoulder

·         Ability to use hands and feet to accomplish tasks as assigned

·         Ability to sit, stand, walk, climb, bend/stoop, crouch, squat/kneel, crawl, twist at the waist and balance

·         Ability to effectively communicate; speaking, reading, understanding, writing and hearing clear English; pass audiogram in hearing conservation program as required by location

·         Ability to perceive depth and adjust focus

·         Ability to see close and distance, basic colors/shades, peripheral vision; and basic hand/eye coordination

·         Ability to work inside an office, outside, and in extreme temperatures

·         Ability to work with machinery vibration, power tools, and slippery/uneven walking surfaces; operate equipment/machinery

·         Ability to work with others, interact with the public, operate a motor vehicle, and perform under deadline pressure

·         Basic mechanical ability

·         Ability to wear protective equipment such as: respirator, goggles, hard hat, gloves, steel toe boots, and chemical resistant coveralls

·         Ability to use both low precision (tape measure, hand level) AND high precision (caliper, electronic scale) instruments to get accurate measurements

·         Able to perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and conversion of fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions to solve practical problems.

·         Ability to extract relevant information from tables, charts, graphs, and text

·         Able to effectively and accurately understand, interpret, reference, evaluate, organize and record non-technical and technical information

Minimum Qualifications and Years of Experience

Minimum Education, Experience and Certification Requirements


·         High School diploma or GED



·         Valid driver's license

·         Certified hazardous waste worker, radiation worker, and respirator medical qualification


Required Experience

·         Completed an apprentice program and have 7 years of verifiable experience as a Carman/Freight Car Repairer


Preferred Experience

·         Experience in a supervisory role

·         10 years of verifiable experience as a Carman/Freight Car Repairer

·         Experience working with, on and around moving heavy equipment.  Experience as a Switchman, Equipment Operator.

How To Apply

EnergySolutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


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